How to Avoid Repiping

Regular maintenance is absolutely critical when it comes to saving money and keeping your home's pipes in tip-top shape. Without routine check-ups, you're likely to miss early signs of pipe damage, which tend to become much larger, more expensive problems if not dealt with quickly. Having a regular chat with your friendly neighborhood plumber at Steve's can even prolong the life of your pipes by helping you learn how to avoid clogging, blockage, and other avoidable damage.

At Steve's 5 Star Service, we offer the area's best repiping services at an unbeatable price. We are equipped to handle virtually any plumbing issue you may be experiencing, and we always work hard to ensure you never pay more than necessary.

We are also committed to being our area's most sought-after plumbers. All our staff members undergo weekly training, including customer service representatives, technicians, salespeople, and others, so that your interactions with our team are always remarkable. Get started today by requesting your free, in-person estimate and learn how we can help you find the best solution for your repiping needs.

Repiping Services FAQ

Do you offer free estimates in person? Yes and yes! We believe in our pricing so much that our repiping experts will always be happy to walk you through the full cost of the operation regardless of if it's a partial repipe or a whole-house repiping service.

What type of pipe do you prefer to install for customers copper or PEX? We offer both PEX piping and copper pipping. But in general we recommend PEX because it is much less invasive than copper piping.

What types of pipe do you typically replace in Southern California homes? We often find that during the 1960s homes in Southern California turned to use galvanized steal as opposed to lead pipes which at the time was a sound innovation. However, after seeing how the zinc coating of galvanized pipes reacts to the minerals in tap water and creates scale build-up and low water pressure they're now considered obsolete.

How long does a typical whole-house repiping job take? It depends on the size of the house and if any fixtures will need to be replaced as well but on average it takes 1-2 days.

Do you handle any restorative work after the project like patching drywall or painting? Yes, we do offer it as an option for a partner that can handle it after we're finished with the repipe.

Call Steve's 5 Star Service today to schedule a free estimate for any plumbing service. You can reach a live person 24 hours a day, and we're standing by to assist you. We also provide 24/7 emergency plumbing. Call us at (909) 985-5254 or fill out the online form to get started.