About Our Star Membership Maintenance Plan

Our Star Membership Plan (STAR) is the Inland Valley's best deal in heater and furnace maintenance. The STAR is so effective, it typically pays for itself through money saved on future energy bills and repairs.

Routine maintenance enables your ductless HVAC system to run at peak efficiency. It can help avoid unforeseen problems and mitigate minor issues that can ultimately lead to system failure and expensive repairs. Maintenance means fewer repairs, longer system lifespan, and improved indoor air quality.

Includes one visit for heating tune up and one visit for a/c tune up. Your tune up includes a complete 18 point maintenance to ensure maximum efficiency and a 1” high efficiency air filter. Also receive a 15% discount on all plumbing, heating, and air conditioning repairs. Priority service appointments and a free plumbing inspection (upon request). Any worn parts or consumables (such as the air filter) are extra. Only covers the labor costs associated with performing the routine service.

There are two options for membership, an annual/one time payment or a low-cost monthly option. The membership maintenance benefits: 15% off all heating, air conditioning and plumbing repairs; a free plumbing inspection and water heater inspection; priority repair service; no after-hours charges; and more (see our STAR Membership page for more information).

At Steve's, we offer an exclusive maintenance plan that includes system tune-ups, indoor air quality testing, and checking refrigerants to determine whether a recharge is needed, among various other services. Our Star Membership Program guarantees you priority service and savings on important maintenance and repair work, with both short-term and long-term benefits. Best of all, it can be customized to the needs of your facility or home. We can prevent ductless air conditioning system malfunctions that can be highly disruptive to business. Familiar with the maintenance needs of leading HVAC systems and residential/commercial customers in Southern California, we provide service at regular intervals to ensure no issue goes unchecked. Preventative maintenance allows us to fix minor problems before they are noticeable.

When you need ductless HVAC installation or replacement, repairs, or preventative maintenance, reach out to Steve's 5 Star Service at (909) 985-5254 for a free quote and to schedule an appointment.